Types of Pets Seen

Because a large number of veterinarians practice at Northeast Veterinary Hospital, we can care for many types of pets:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Rabbits
  • Pocket Pets
  • Reptiles
  • Birds

We refer large animals to:

Chattahoochee Veterinarian

Phone: (678) 316-2206 or (678)936-3868

We're pleased to offer the following services in our Cornelia Veterinary Clinic:

Pet Wellness Report

We recommend annual bloodwork to aid in the early diagnosis and prevention of disease in your pet as he or she ages.  This specialized early disease detection panel includes heartworm testing, a complete urinalysis to screen for early kidney disease or a pet's predisposition towards developing bladder/kidney stones, a thyroid level to screen for early thyroid problems, a complete blood count to check bone marrow health and a chemistry panel that checks organ (liver, kidney, pancreas) health.  Catching health problems BEFORE they make a loved one sick can not only improve a patient's prognosis, prolong their life, improve the quality of their life and most importantly - it can save you money! 

For example, if we determined that a patient was at risk for developing kidney/bladder stones, we could make special diet recommendations to prevent the stones from ever developing.  If we never knew that the patient was at risk, we might find out the hard way in a few years when the stones have formed and cause a life threatening lower urinary blockage which can cost well over one to two thousand dollars in surgical and medical expenses to treat depending on how sick the pet is. 

There are countless situations like this that could be avoided and prevented simply by having bloodwork and a urinalysis checked annually before problems arise.

Emergency Care

Please call our main telephone number for instructions for emergencies.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services

Northeast Veterinary Hospital is equipped to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to care for your pets' complete health care needs.  Our doctors pride themselves on their dedication to their patients--your pets.

Surgical Services

Our state of the art sterile surgical suite provides for the performance of a wide variety of surgical procedures.  The surgeons are dressed just like the surgeons you see on T.V.  Nothing is left to chance when your pet is undergoing a surgical procedure.  Sterility is very important.  Attention is paid to every detail even down to heated surgery tables and circulating hot water blankets to keep surgery patients warm and cozy during and after the procedure.  Blood pressures are checked throughout the procedure and patient's oxygen saturation levels and electrical activity of the heart are monitored continuously to ensure that any problems can be detected immediately to make anesthesia as safe as we possible can.

24 Hour Pet Nursing Care 

If you desire overnight nursing care while your pet is hospitalized, private nursing is available for special cases.  Please notify one of our doctors to make the necessary arrangements.

Safer Anesthesia

We utilize the safest available anesthetics to provide that extra margin of safety for all our patients, including older or high risk patients.  Using state of the art equipment, your pet's vital signs are monitored during all anesthetic procedures.  We monitor blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, continuous ECG display, core body temperature, pattern and level of respiration, and blood level of carbon dioxide.  A trained technician along with a doctor will be monitoring your pet's level of anesthesia.  Safe anesthetic episodes are a result of all these above procedures and thorough pre-anesthetic examinations and testing.

Radiology Services

Our Sound Technology true digital  x-ray imaging system provides outstanding radiographs to aid in the diagnosis of many disorders.  Our dental x-rays are made with digital technology as well.  Radiology at NEVH employs the latest equipment as well as highly trained veterinary staff resulting in excellent quality x-rays of your pet.

Your special pets are invited to join NEVH for loads of fun while your are on vacation or out of town on business.  All our campers (boarders) receive personal attention from our caring staff.  Pets may be admitted and discharged from boarding during regular office hours Monday through Saturday.  If necessary, special prior arrangements may be made to pick up pets Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  Please request a tour of our boarding facilities, and you will be very impressed with the cleanliness and attention to detail to provide your pet with every comfort.  The boarding facilities are completely separate from the hospital patient areas, and the felines are accommodated separately from the canines.  LUXURY VIP (Very Important Pet) Boarding is available for your special family member.  Choices include the Garden Room, the Coastal Room, and the Safari Room.  Your pet will relish the loving attention our Staff lavish upon them.  A safe & clean environment, one on one playtime with our staff, numerous potty breaks, delicious snacks, your instructions followed to a "T", and a new approach to boarding, what more could you ask for?  We are dedicated to keeping your pet healthy and happy while you have to be apart.

Ultrasound Diagnostics

Digital imaging consists of integrated Sound Technology digital radiography and digital ultrasound.  These images are of the highest quality and can be transferred electronically to leading small animal specialists worldwide.  Color doppler increases diagnostic capabilities of the ultrasound.  These cutting edge technologies allow our doctors to make important diagnostic decisions about your pet's health.

Electrocardiography Services

ECG services are provided on-site including consultations with cardiologists.  Routine, pre-anesthetic, and stat ECG services are available.  Often, ECG consultations are combined with echocardiology.


Our advanced laboratory provides testing of serum chemistry, hematology, clotting profiles, pre and post prandial bile acids for liver disease, ACTH stimulation testing for adrenal disease, tick borne disease screening, urinalysis and parasite identification.  Many of these test results will be available for discussion with the doctor the same day.


We stock a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, shampoos, and heart worm preventatives to meet the needs of your pet.  These drugs are handled carefully, and shipment from the manufacturer is monitored carefully.  When the health of your pet is at stake, you cannot be too careful.  We treasure the trust you place in us, and we will always continue to strive to earn that trust.  If you have difficulty giving your pet medications, please request a liquid medication with a flavor your pet would accept.  How about Red Angus Beef or Chicken Pot Pie or Groovy Grape?  Many flavors are available.


Northeast Veterinary Hospital is a regional dental referral center.  Our dental services include complete dental exams and dental charting, teeth cleaning and polishing, digital dental x-rays, periodontal treatment, oral surgery and advanced dental procedures such as root canals, crowns, and orthodontics.


Routine and therapeutic bathing is offered.

Pet Day Care

NEVH has a wonderful active and fun-loving day care program planned for your pet.  We assist with housetraining and accommodate individual requests.


Many of our patients have benefited from advanced treatment protocols.  Such treatments are available to cancer patients as well as to patients diagnosed with Cushings Disease.  This is a treatment option that may be discussed with any of our doctors.

Individual Flea Control Programs

Programs are developed to meet the specific needs of your pet and your own particular environmental situation.  We will review the best ways to control fleas in your house, in your yard and on your pet.  If your present flea medication if not doing its job, ask us about the many newer Flea Products available today.

Dietary Counseling

Guidance is provided regarding your pet's nutritional needs for each life stage, including dietary requirements for growth, weight maintenance and performance.  When your pet is sick, special diets may assist with recovery and prevention of return of the disease state. These special prescription diets are part of the treatment protocol.  We make wide use of the nutritional services provided by veterinarians with advanced degrees in nutrition.  Nutritional counseling is not to be taken lightly.  Veterinarians receive more intensive training in pet nutrition than other professionals.

Behavioral Counseling

We provide advice regarding the correction of problems such as excessive barking, chewing, spraying, scratching,digging, house soiling and aggression.  The prevention of behavioral problems is an area of counseling we address as well.  Let us help you with selection of a new pet, introduction of a new pet to the household, introducing the new baby to the family pet, and introducing pets to the new family residence.  Behavioral consultations begin with a very thorough physical examination to be sure physical problems are not underlying the behavioral problem.


Tammy is our certified master groomers.  Just wait until you see how beautiful your favorite pet looks when they have been pampered by this fabulous groomer.  Be sure to leave time to meet with the Groomer prior to your pet's trim to be sure you communicate just the style you desire.  If you would like suggestions, the groomer will assist you with their ideas.  Grooming & Baths are available for all breeds of cats & dogs.


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  • "Thank you guys so much for being there and looking Mr. Kane over when I was worried about him because of his just laying around and not feeling himself. Even though your exam revealed nothing wrong, it made me feel a lot better, and by the way Mr. Kane seems to be back to his old ways, Thanks again."
    douga, Cleveland