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MANAGEMENT TEAM - works together to create an exceptional experience for each of our clients and patients 

Hollis - Veterinary Physician Assistant/Senior Head Technician

Hollis has over 40 years of veterinary nursing experience making her an incredible asset to the team.  She is an expert when it comes to wound care, difficult venipuncture, intravenous catheter placement and patient handling.  

Her expansive veterinary knowledge accumulated over the past 4 decades allows her to provide outstanding medical advice for any questions or concerns you may have.  Hollis has unparalleled passion for the veterinary field and is a true patient animal advocate.                

Debbie - Head Client Service Representative

Debbie has been working for NEVH for 20 years.  She is one of the most compassionate, caring and kind individuals you will ever meet.  She is extremely organized and will make sure all of your needs are met when you are here or calling in on the phone.  Her exemplary customer service makes her one of the most important members of our team.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Shannon - Hospital Manager; Registered Veterinary Technician

Shannon has been part of the NEVH team since August 2011.  She has a Bachelor's in Wildlife Biology and an Associates in Veterinary Technology.  She is a Registered Veterinary Technician and has extensive experience handling exotic species from birds to small mammals to reptiles.  She is a true jack-of-all trades and performs everything from venipuncture to surgical monitoring to patient care and stabilization to the highest degree.  Her primary role is focused on creating an efficient, cohesive, adaptable hospital team to create an exceptional patient and customer experience with each visit to our hospital.                                                                                    

Angela - Hospital Patient Care Coordinator/Team Leader

Angela joined NEVH in 2014.  She is responsible for maintaining a global view of the hospital and plays a critical role in maintaining an efficient, clean, organized hospital.  She stays on top of the team to ensure that treatments are completed and performed on time for hospitalized patients, and also works at keeping visits and outpatient workups on schedule.  Of course, when several unscheduled emergency cases arrive, staying on time can be difficult if not all together impossible which is when having Angela is even more crucial so that she can prioritize tasks to ensure that patient care is not being compromised and wait times can be minimized.

Wynn - Boarding Supervisor/Veterinary Assisant

Wynn has 10 years of experience in the veterinary nursing field.  She is extremely compassionate and truly cares about each of her patients' well-being.  The empathy she shows for each pet she works with is unmatched - she treats them just like members of her own family.  Wynn is responsible for ensuring your loved ones are treated like royalty when they are boarded with us. 


REGISTERED VETERINARY TECHNICIANS (RVTs) - Certified nurses with advanced medical and surgical training and knowledge.  RVTs are highly adept at managing complex critical care cases and making anesthesia as safe as possible.                                                                                    

Tiffany - Registered Veterinary Technician

Tiffany is a graduate of Athens Technical College and is a licensed Registered Veterinary Technician.

She specializes in anesthesia and advanced monitoring of the critically ill, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the stabilization and treatment of patients trauma and shock cases.


VETERINARY NURSES & ASSISTANTS - responsible for vital day-to-day hospital operations ranging from client education to anesthesia to patient treatments and running diagnostic tests.

Megan - Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Megan earned a veterinary assistant certificate from Ashworth University and absolutely loves being around animals both big and small.  She loves seeing emergency cases so that she can help people and their pets in their time of need.  She is always up for tackling the many challenges of veterinary medicine each day. 



Floyd - Veterinary Technician

Floyd is one of our experienced veterinary technicians and has worked in the field for years.  He is an experienced wildlife rehabilitator and also works for Animal Control for Habersham County.  Floyd is one of the strongest animal advocates you will ever meet.  He has a huge heart and has turned his farm into an animal sanctuary populated with animal rescues he has saved over the years.         

Zack - Veterinary Assistant

Zack has a genuine love all animals.  He truly cares about animal welfare and started off volunteering at the local shelter before transitioning into veterinary work.    



Chris  - Veterinary Assistant

Chris is a strong animal advocate and focuses on animal welfare in the community as a part-time employee for the county.  He is a people please and absolutely loves working with pets and nursing them back to health.   



  Amanda  - Boarding    


Spencer- Veterinary Assistant

Spencer joined NEVH in 2013. He is currently attending UGA's College of Veterinary Medicine as a member of the class of 2018.




CLIENT SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES (CSRS) - Responsible for welcoming everyone to our hospital and coordinating visits so that all of you and your pets needs are met.  CSRs also possess a wealth of knowledge regarding general pet care and services that the hospital offers. 

Tammy B - Client Service Representative

Tammy is one of our head CSRs - she is dependable, driven and her dry sense of humor keeps everyone on their toes.   

Tabitha - Client Service Representative

Tabitha joined our CSR team in 2016.  She aspires to grow in the veterinary medical field and become a veterinary technician.